4th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation (WoLLIC'97)
August 20-22, 1997
(Tutorial Day: August 19th)
Ponta Mar Hotel, Fortaleza (Ceará), Brazil

Sponsored by IGPL, FoLLI, ASL, SBC
Organised by UFC, UFPE

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General Information

Getting to Fortaleza (Ceará)

There are various regular flights from Europe and USA to Fortaleza's Pinto Martins International Airport. The airport is located at some 6Km from the city and is about 30min by car to the center of town. There are two Brazilian airlines which make one direct flight per week from Europe (VARIG and TRANSBRASIL) and from USA (VASP and VARIG). You will be able to choose from various other flights with daily connections in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo from Europe and USA.


Brazil's currency called Real (pronounce it (almost) like in French), abbrev. `R$'.
(1/100 of the Real is called centavo.)
Exchange rate: R$1,07 is worth approx. US$1.00.
Banknotes: R$1, R$5, R$10, R$50, R$100.
Coins: R$1, R$0,50, R$0,25, R$0,10, R$0,05, R$0,01.

Dial-a-Cab Companies

Disque Taxi (+55 85) 287 7222
Rodotaxi (+55 85) 252 1866
Radio Taxi (+55 85) 800 5744
Fone Taxi (+55 85) 229 0080
Chame Taxi (+55 85) 245 2053

The Location

The whole state of Ceará offers its visitors attractions suitable to anybody's taste. The 573Km long coast runs from the towns of Camocim to Icapuí. The landscape is outlined by large dunes and cliffs which, in certain locations, look like sculptures molded by nature.
The coast offers a number of beaches, from the most primitive to the best infrastructured ones providing its visitors with a large range of hotels and restaurants. The travel agencies schedule wonderful tours including a number of daily tours specially designed for the tourists around Ceará coast beaches.
Fortaleza city, the capital of the state, is located on a plain coastal region, where we can enjoy a sunny season, here the sun shines all over the year. With a population of over 2 million inhabitants, Fortaleza has a very busy nightlife, entertainment at night bars, restaurants, and night clubs. Everything is fun in the ``Sunshine State'' (where the happiness has no end).
This is Ceará: one side shows Fortaleza, that reigns with majesty in modern times, with daring architectures and a remarkable activity of the great metropolises and, at the same time, makes one dream about the natural beauty of the beaches, mountains, and the hinterland. There are 148,000 square Km to provide the tourist with a whole variety of leisure styles.
This decade of the 90's is a mark for the Cearense tourism sector. It was really from this point that the State stirred up to this great economical boom, and today is investing in the infrastructure, worthy of all large centers, and in the specific building up of professionals for the sector.
All this tourism development is due to the well-known natural beauty and followed by a public State administration, considered as an example of steady investments that turned Ceará and Fortaleza national reference points in this matter.

General Tourist Information about Fortaleza and Ceará

Please take a look at the web page: http://www.lia.ufc.br/~camilo/ceara.
You may also wish to contact our travel agent:

The Weather

At the end of August, in Fortaleza, the weather is usually fresh and rather windy (breezy, since it is by the sea), with temperatures around 28-32 degrees Celsius. It is not a raining period.

The Venue

The Workshop will be held at the Ponta Mar Hotel where most participants will be staying. The full address is:

(Note: "Av. Beira Mar" literally means "Avenue By the Sea".)

Reception Desk

There will be a reception desk at Room 102 at first floor of Ponta Mar Hotel.

Welcome Evening

There will be a social gathering in the evening of Wednesday 20th August, 8pm, at the swimming pool of Ponta Mar Hotel.


At Ponta Mar Hotel the prices are as follows:

For Reservations: Contact Ms. Gardênia at (+55 85) 244 9000, or fax her at (+55 85) 244 2114.
N.B. Please quote "WoLLIC'97 participant" to get the prices above.

More Economical Alternatives

Less Expensive Hotels

(*) Please quote "WoLLIC'97 participant" to get the prices above.

Youth Hostels

Publication of Full Papers

Remember that the authors of contributions will be invited to submit full papers for publication (after the usual refereeing procedures) in the Logic Journal of the Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics (ISSN 1367-0751), Oxford University Press.

The deadline for reception of full papers is: 30th September 1997.
(See the Journal's web page for the instructions of how to submit papers.)